Hiring Employees Writing Job Descriptions

HR 101 – Onboarding Tip #1


If you run a business big or small, or even just employ an assistant as a professional, you owe it to your employee(s) and your organization to formalize your HR procedures.  This will make you a more effective manager, will save you time and will minimize your exposure to risk.


There are many steps to creating formalized HR procedures, it starts with a well written business plan, an overarching strategic vision, and a organizational chart.  From there good bosses will have a detailed employee handbook written, as well as a hiring policy, followed by accurate job descriptions.


To prepare to welcome new employees into the organization there should be an onboarding checklist, so each department or section is aware of anything they need to prepare before the new employee’s arrival (such as IT setting up a company profile and email) and so that both the supervisor and new employee is aware of everything they need to do in the first days after hiring.


Your onboarding checklist should actually be a checklist, either a printed paper template or electronic and it should be a detailed list of everything that needs to be done or covered.  The onboarding checklist will also be a critical piece of the employee’s personnel file which you’re developing, reminding you of what critical documents you will initially need for it.


  • Start by thinking of any IT and passes which may be required, then the equipment, personal protection and uniforms.
  • Next cover payroll details like SIN, HR and next of kin documentation, anything that you need to pay your employee or in an emergency.
  • You’ll want to arrange a tour of your work spaces and cover fire and safety procedures as well as hours of work, and parking, getting a license plate number if parking is paid or restricted.
  • Plan an interview with any senior personnel or management people if that’s what your company does, as well as any cultural training, company history information sessions or other generic training everyone in the business is expected to attend.


The onboarding checklist will set your business and your employee up for success.  It will make your company look professional and pulled together, while it will integrate a new employee well, establishing expectations and reliving the uncertainty that can make the first days at a new job stressful.


The onboarding checklist will also help your new hires take care of the administrative part of starting at a new company quickly and efficiently, making them ready to begin their job training sooner with fewer distractions, and running a solid training program is an even more critical stage in developing a strong, long-term team member for your business.



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