Motivation Monday

How To Find Loyal Employees

Everyone wants loyal employees.


You want loyal employees because they work harder.  They’re more dedicated to the company and to you as their boss.  Loyalty makes people reliable and trustworthy.


But how do you find loyal employees?  Where do you go to look for these mythical unicorns?  Does it come out in the interview that they’re dedicated and hard working?  Do you steal them away from the employers they’re currently working for?  Because that seems rather counter-intuitive.


I think the first question to ask yourself is why do you want or feel you need loyal employees?  My biggest worry as we approach this question is that your desire for loyalty comes from a desire to exploit, overwork, underpay and generally use and abuse employees through emotional manipulation.


Do you unconsciously view a loyal employee as a shortcut to having your own good management habits and leadership?


Do you expect your employees to come to you, requiring no development, team building or leadership?


I think we look for loyalty as a shortcut to hide our own laziness, selfishness and leadership deficiencies.  I think loyalty is earned with time and hard work, and I think loyalty is maintained by being a company and a leader that deserves it.

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