Jump Start Your Business

Black Oak Administration & Business Services provides a wide variety of business and administrative support services to businesses, professionals, trades people and entrepreneurs to help them meet their business goals.


Business Plan Writing

Do you need a business plan written or help writing your business plan?

Having a plan for your business is important to get started, access government programs, attract investors, gain financing. Making a business plan sets you on the road to success but it can be hard to know where to start or time consuming to put all together. I help write your business plan in a collaborative process, based on your own ideas.


Do You Need A Website?

Looking to get a webpage without breaking the bank?

I offer sleek and basic websites setup from templates, for those who don’t need the full web design package.

You can get your own webpage online in a day.


Sales/Admin Assistant

It’s hard to run a business you’re looking to expand when you can’t afford the support you need, and this is the solution to that problem. You can get sales support, a personal assistant or administrative services for your business through agile, innovative virtual assistants.


Digital Marketing? Facebook Ads? Social Media Posts?

If you don’t like social media, why run it yourself? Want someone else to write and run your Facebook ads to get you, your listings or your business exposure? Being online chews up time and attention you could be using somewhere better in your business.



Contact Black Oak Administration & Business Services here to get started.




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