Get The Right Website For Your Business

I’ve set up multiple WordPress websites, from paid personal sites with a purchased domain, to free sites with the WordPress domain. Sites for everything from blogging to my own business, and it’s all been super affordable using their templates and design.


It’s very intuitive to use and creates a great product, so that’s why I offer it as one of the services provided by Black Oak Admin & Business Services.


When I was in real estate I had my business website set up by the professionals, it was a lot more expensive, and really, really well done. And it was something I needed to do my business. The web design company I worked with had the technical expertise to integrate the RECA listings interface on to my site.


But not everyone will need that level of web site for their business, some are just looking for a landing page to share their business hours and make them searchable. In those cases I recommend setting up your own WordPress page, or getting into contact with someone like me to get it done for you.

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