3 Business Plan Templates

Do you need a business plan written to run a business?

For some, having a plan for your business is important to get started, access government programs, attract investors, gain financing.

Making a business plan sets you on the road to success but it can be hard to know where to start or time consuming to put all together.


For others, they like the freedom of not being confined to pre-determining their future or they think they can make more valuable use of their time elsewhere.


I have 3 GO-TO business plan templates that I use for myself and my clients.


The first is the ever popular fillable form found in my region from theĀ Community Business Development Corporations


CBDC Plan Pic


Link to this templateĀ here.


I also use a sleek and simple Word template that can be found within the Microsoft suite, so look that up if you use Word.


Biz Plan Pic


Lastly, for side businesses, market vendors, or shorter financial projects I use a 1 page business plan hybrid I’ve created that incorporates the money questions and calculations you need to ask yourself to be successful in your endeavors, with the operational planning factors I used in planning operations and training while I was in the military.


1 Pg Biz Plan Pic


Email me at shelley.blackoak@outlook.com or contact here, if you’d like a copy of this.

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