Getting Your Business Online – 3 Ways

We’re all online these days, and that’s frequently how our clients and customers find us, that makes it more important than ever for your business to have a strong online presence.

So how do you get your business online and how do you establish your online presence?  Do you need social media sites for your business?  Do you have a business Facebook page?  Do you have your social media pages linked to your website?

So what do you actually need to get your business online in 2018, especially if you have limited resources to spend on getting online?  What do you do first to build your online presence most effectively?

Well, every industry is different, and different platforms are better for different industries.  But that being said, starting with a Facebook page for your business is a great first step.  From there I would move on to adding Google My Business, so you have a listing within the Google search engine.  Next I would get a website, even a discount one, set up and add the other major social media profiles, such as Instagram and Twitter.

When you’re setting up your online presence, don’t forget to link your accounts.  Your website should have your social media account links prominently displayed and functional.  Your social media profiles should have your website linked, if that’s where you want to drive traffic to close leads or provide more information.

To recap:

  1. Build your business Facebook page;
  2. Register your business with Google My Business; and
  3. Setup a website and other social media profiles.

Finally, don’t forget to establish a presence on other social media profiles such as Pinterest and Google+ if they’re relevant to your business, and to update your LinkedIn profile as well.

And if you don’t even know where to start with all this, or need some help getting online contact Black Oak Administration & Business Services for some help!

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