Starting A Business in Nova Scotia

Are you wondering How To Start A Business in Nova Scotia?

Having recently started a business in Nova Scotia myself, here was my experience and some of my recommendations –

  1. Get your finances in order first.  Make sure you have enough money to start your business and support yourself, before you take the plunge.  Stay working at your current job as long as you can and make smart personal financial decision to prepare yourself.  If you’re currently unemployed you might want to look into the Self-Employement Benefit Program.
  2. Make a plan.  Business plans help you outline your path to success, generate numbers for you to strategize with and can be essential for gaining funding if you go that route.  Business plans don’t have to be overly long, but they’re hugely valuable to get you started.
  3. When you’re ready you’ll start putting your name, registrations, permits and licenses in place with the province.
  4. If you’re incorporating you’ll contact a lawyer, if you’re a sole proprietor you’ll start with reserving a name, then you’ll register your business.
  5. Once that has time to process and your business is established you’ll need to register your business with Canada Revenue Agency.

Now you’ll get to, in my opinion, the much more fun and exciting parts – managing your business operations, including:

  1. How will you market your business?  I believe every business needs to have a strong online presence these days;
  2. Setting up and managing your social media; and
  3. Building a website.


These are just the basics to get your started, each business is different, and I’m no expert, so always seek the advice of lawyers, accountants and other professionals to guide you in your decision making.

I hope this helps though, if you’re wondering where to start.

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