Black Oak Leadership Development

What is a Leader? Who is a Leader?


I read articles about different types of leaders. I think I even share them sometimes. But, really, there’s only one type of leader, the person that SERVES their subordinates and their organization.

Not the most talented, not the most aggressive, not most charismatic.

Those people may be a lot of things, but that doesn’t make them leaders. They may be bosses and managers and top earners and inspirations, but that doesn’t make them a leader.

The misconception about the boss or manager being a leader comes from two places, I think.

One is that the people who assign those titles don’t know any better. They don’t know what leadership looks like themselves and they were never taught how to do things right and work with a mindset, so they assume leader=manager because that’s all they know.

The 2nd is ego, entitlement and narcissism. Everyone wants to be called a leader for being a boss. No one actually wants to be a leader. Because being a real leader is draining, exhausting, frustrating and stressful.


Being a leader is always giving of yourself and taking responsibility for the mistakes of others and giving away all the credit for success. This isn’t for everyone. But it’s damn effective as a way to build and run a team.

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