Fixing Your To Do List


Are you ruled by your To Do List? Or just demoralized because it never seems to shrink down?


Does your To Do List look something like this –




And endless cycle of putting too much pressure on yourself, feeling like a failure because you don’t accomplish anything, getting overwhelmed, giving up then starting right back up with another overly long To Do List to try and get back on track?


If this is you I recommend you do what I’ve started doing, the three (3) item To Do List.




The new To Do List:





By paring down my list I find it easier to focus on taking my tasks one at a time and I actually get things done.  But how did I get from the overlong, overwhelming To Do list to the fixed up 3 item To Do List?


I started to realize I wasn’t getting everything on my list done anyway.  In fact I wasn’t really getting anything done, just spending a lot of time making lists and not getting work done, so the panic of not putting everything down onto a list was outweighed by the fact that whether my list had 5 items or 20 items I was probably only get 3 items done anyway, so I was no further ahead in my work but was a ball of stress and wasted time.


Since I just needed to find a way to keep my To Do list short and pared down I went with three items that made sense to me: 1) The most urgent thing I need to get done, whatever if most pressing and has the shortest timeline, that just makes sense; 2) The most important thing for me to get done, this will be different for everyone, for you it might be work for your highest value client or a key piece of your business strategy, whatever is most important to you and you see as being of the highest value to your business, but isn’t urgent immediately, do that; 3) The last item should be one of the aspects of your business you most enjoy doing, something that will keep you motivated to continue to work and is emotionally rewarding and important to you as an individual and to your business.


So give it a try!  If you find yourself ruled by your To Do List and you’re not being very productive anyway, why not try dramatically paring down your To Do List and managing it, rather than letting it rule you.


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