Fix Your Email with Black Oak Admin




You don’t impress me when you have hundreds of emails in your inbox.


Are you overwhelmed, lazy or posturing? Doesn’t matter, none of those are good for business.


Here’s the problem – people feel important when they have a full inbox. They think it makes them relevant and busy and indicates how integral they are to their organization.


And that’s how the problem starts.


Why are you cc’d on things you don’t need to action and will never need to know?


If you don’t actually need this now, you’re going to have to go to the actual SME or file holder to really get read in anyway, so why are you getting these emails?


Control issues?


Over-inflated sense of your own importance? You don’t trust your team?


How many people are sending emails that you just forward on to someone else or ask someone else to handle?


Why aren’t those emails going direct to those people? Are you just a gatekeeper?


Honestly, if you have time to play these games you’re not so important or so relevant as you need your email inbox to make you think.


And if your ego demands you set yourself as a bottleneck, you’re either damaging operations or not as efficient as you could be.


Because of your inability to manage your inbox.


Especially if you’ve let it get out of control to feed your own ego and sense of importance.



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