To Retain Employees have an Onboarding Plan


An onboarding plan describes how your company plans to integrate your new hire into your business and get them up-to speed and working effectively. Properly designed onboarding plans are critical for retaining talent and reducing employee turnover, that’s why it’s important for your business to have one. Employees say they know whether they’ll remain at a company within the first 3 months that they’re hired, so make that time memorable for your new hire and begin building your leadership relationship strongly.

Your onboarding process should go beyond just first day activities, it should encompass what you do before your new hire arrives on their first day and take you all the way through to the end of their probationary period.


Do you wish there was a way to ensure your new hires would absorb your company culture, would feel included and most of all become contributing members of the team as soon as possible? That’s all done through your onboarding plan. So don’t leave it to chance or to happenstance, take charge and take an active role in building up the employee you just hired.


Don’t risk all your time and money going down the drain by having a poor onboarding experience leading to disenchantment, disengagement and eventual quitting.


Want your own start to finish onboarding plan, with checklist and schedule? Your onboarding plan will be tailored to your business and reflective of your industry. There will be a pre-start checklist, going over what you should put in place before your new hire starts; a 1st day orientation package, covering how you should introduce your new employee to your industry; and finally, ending with an onboarding schedule for the first 3 months, or how you should manage a probationary period. If you’d like a free onboarding plan template asking for an ONBOARDING PLAN via the Contact  card.

Customized plans tailored for your business are available for a cost.

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