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Hello, I’m


I’m a 10 year Army veteran focused on training, leadership and improving labour relations. I think it’s just good business to build strong leaders, reduce turnover and create a positive and profitable team with focused and deliberate HR practices.


LOCL ClassDuring my time in the Canadian Forces I trained as a Logistics Officer who was dedicated to planning, managing and supporting Individual and Collective Training, Logistics Trades Training, Leadership Training and Professional Development programmes.  I hold a four year degree in Business Administration and have a background in logistics, training and development, transportation operations management, Army Operations management and expenditure management.




My career began working on the 2010 Olympic Winter Games coordinating pre-deployment training for the Forward Support Group personnel providing logistical support to the military forces doing security.  This included planning and running events for individual level training and personnel readiness.


Between my domestic deployment for the Olympics and my deployment to Afghanistan I acted as both an Operations & Training Officer and a Platoon Commander and I was responsible for day to day management, budget and resource management, HR and personnel management as well as operational oversight.

open house


Upon my retirement from the military I spent a year as a real estate agent, focusing on market analysis, marketing and advertising, as well as customer service.




After that I spent a year in the United Kingdom working in administration and as an office manager.



In 2017 I moved back to my home province of Nova Scotia and in 2018 I decided to start my own business dedicated to the high quality of leadership and managerial oversight I’ve developed through my experience and training.  My business, Black Oak Administration & Business Services, focuses on my passion for leadership and providing exceptional and well planned training to help you achieve anything; and my drive to improve labour relations because I believe it’s just good business to build strong leaders, reduce turnover and create a positive and profitable team with focused and deliberate HR practices.


As a leader and management professional, it’s my goal to translate the skills I learned through the military and professional environments to help others make their businesses what they want them to be and to be the business leaders they aspire to be.


Thank you for visiting my site, and if there’s anything I can do to help you, don’t hesitate to contact me.




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