virtual administrative services

Admin Solutions


Get an admin assistant to optimize your business performance, allowing you to make money more efficiently.  If you’re hovering on the brink of failure and great success now is the time to focus your energy where you can add the most value to your business, while having someone else take care of the small stuff.


And that’s what Black Oak Admin offers, the admin solutions you need, whether it’s someone to man the phones while you’re on a call or with a client, or even just someone to do the painstaking paperwork you hate doing.

When you’re getting a personal assistant or admin, your first inclination will probably be to hire someone from your city and set them up in an office, but I’m here to tell you that’s the least efficient and productive way to do things if you don’t truly need someone to work a reception desk – go virtual to manage your time and HR costs!

A virtual assistant gives you everything that an in-house admin will give you, usually at a higher skill level, more focus, more productivity and more flexibility.

You need a virtual administrative assistant.

A v. admin.

Need to fix your To Do List?  Get a v. admin to help!

Ruled by your Inbox?  Get a v. admin to help!

Looking for start-up support?  Get a v. admin to help!


Don’t know if you’re ready to get an admin assistant yet or if it’s the right time for you?  Check out this post.  But know that the Future of Admin is with Black Oak Administration & Business Services.


virtual administrative services

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