Advertising for Real Estate Agents

3 Facebook Ad Strategies for Real Estate Agents


Are you looking for real ideas to help you run Facebook ads as a real estate agent, something that helps you promote your open house, brand yourself as an agent and gain more traffic to your business?


Here are 3 strategies you can use –


1.  Run a REACH campaign to promote your Open House.

If you’re sitting an Open House on the weekend, start your ad campaign from Monday or Tuesday.  Depending on your budget, you can run the ad for a week until the date of your open house, or you can pick a couple days earlier in the week to run your ad then again on the day of or day before your Open House is scheduled.

-If you’re familiar at all with Facebook ads you know you can’t use heavy text images to advertise, so you’re going to want to use a great picture of the property you’re marketing for your ad.

-Ensure you post the actual DATE and HOURS of your Open House, I don’t recommend you say “next Sunday” or “this weekend”, give concrete information!

-Use a REACH objective for your ad, you want to get your ad seen by the highest number of relevant people.

-Set up your interest targeting.  Create a target audience based on the characteristics of your current clients. Run your ads in your town or city, and also in neighbouring areas where people may be moving from into your area, but keep your location tight and close to where you do business.


2. Gain TRAFFIC by promoting yourself as an Agent.

You want to build your brand and client confidence as an agent, so you get more recommendations, leads and clients, to do this, I recommend running a video campaign aimed at promoting yourself as a real estate agent in your area.

-You don’t need a professional video, a clear and well lit phone video will work well for this campaign.

-Record a short ~1:00-1:30 minute video making your pitch to potential clients. Be passionate and let people know why they should work with you.

-Run your ads with a TRAFFIC objective in your town or city, and also in neighbouring areas where people may be moving from into your area, but keep your location tight and close to where you do business. Target your ideal client, but also adjacent business people, such as mortgage brokers, inspector, contractors and decorators, who would want to know and work with you on a mutual referral basis.


3. Build influence in the industry through Blog ENGAGEMENT.

A final great way to increase your visibility as a real estate agent is to be relevant and offer information and advice for free.  If you’re running a real estate and business blog, promote blog posts you’re sharing.

-You want to create an ENGAGEMENT campaign because you want Likes and Shares on your post, getting your information to as many people as you can.

-Use a great, bright photo with an amazing and eye-catching title that actually solves a problem or answers a question.


If you’re new to running Facebook ads start off with small budgets and employ these strategies to get you started.  Then play around with some of the multitude of variables until you find what works best for you, your ideal client and your area.


*This advice may not be applicable to the real estate rules and regulations in your location

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