workplace training for businesses

Workplace Training Done Right

Workplace training is hugely important.

Do you have a plan in place to provide training across your business?

Do you have a plan for basic onboard training?

Most relevant, what’s your training plan for teaching your new employee how to do their new job the way your company does it?

Or, do you have a new skill or initiative you need to teach in your company?

Training is critically important! Please take the time to learn how to do it effectively.

Your business, at a minimum, should have a plan in place for individual training for each employee, structured training related to onboarding, and a holistic view of enterprise training.

I’ve always found this a very intuitive process, something easy to do, although it does take time and some thoughtfulness to accomplish. It also takes some risk and willingness to experiment to find what works for you and your organization.

So what do you do, actually? What does “workplace training” even look like? Imagine, if tomorrow an angel investor came to your business and offered to invest in your company and double your employees in 1 month. What would you do and how would you handle getting that many people, onboarded, trained, integrated and up-to-speed with how your company does business?

That’s workplace training. That’s enterprise training. The plan you put together to accomplish that is your enterprise training plan. And within it there will be a breakdown of specific courses, skills, and leadership capabilities you’ll also want to teach to your people. You’ll go over onboarding and job specific training. Some courses and seminars can be done in-house, some will be out-sourced.

In essence, coming up with an enterprise training plan is a bit like reverse engineering. You have a goal in mind, where you want your company to be, you deduce what skills and capabilities your employees will need to have to get there and accomplish that goal and then you come up with the plan to move from where you are at point A, to where you need to go to make your goals a reality at point B.



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PS – one of the huge side benefits of workplace training that is often overlooked, is how effective training is for building and reinforcing workplace culture.


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