Canada Day Content Strategies

Content idea for your Facebook business page


Celebrate holidays to engage your audience and gain visibility for your business.


Content on your Facebook business page should be focused on providing value for your audience and potential customers/clients/consumers.  This should look like a variety of content with only some direct sales/marketing.


At the end of the day, you build your platform to be able to make offers and drive potential sales, but it’s important that this relationship is a two way street.  Why should someone follow your page if it’s entirely focused on you, and driving sales for you?  To avoid this aim to have only 1 in 4, or less, of your posts, as offers or sales for your business.


The majority of your content, in my opinion, should be informative.  Information that solves a problem for your followers.  You should ask yourself what are your skills and expertise and what do you know that would benefit others, and share that.


Some of your content should be brand building, telling the story of your company and yourself or your employees, to build a rapport with your audience, develop trust and provide more context as to why someone should choose you over the competition.


And sometimes it should be entertainment and enjoyment.  That’s why posting on holidays is an important part of your content strategy.  It’s a great way to give yourself a break from developing in-depth, focused content, but more importantly, it’s a great way to engage with your audience on things they care about.  Celebrating holidays together, like the story telling aspect of brand building, tugs on heart-strings and connects with followers on an emotional level.


This Canada Day long weekend, share your Happy Canada Day posts, put up pictures of your local Canada Day parade and take video of the fire works display.  To increase your engagement, you need to be engaged with the things that matter to your community.



Canada Day Facebook Content Ideas

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