Virtual Assistant Admin Services

Virtual Administrative Services

The administrative solutions your business needs could be virtual.

My most recent summer offer, with low prices focused on a variety of services, will allow real estate agents who aren’t sure they’re ready to take the plunge to get an assistant, or are worried about the hiring process, to do a test drive.

You can have the benefit of an extra set of hands on deck, without hiring or firing, and no long-term commitment. Use the service for a handful of hours, a month, the summer, or longer, if the relationship is working for you.

Outsourcing your admin to a virtual assistant can offer your business the administrative support you need, in a flexible and low risk way, allowing you to buy administrative services when you need them, and turn them on and off as your business grows, experiences seasonal fluctuations or needs to adjust your budget away from admin to re-invest in your business or take advantage of opportunities.

Black Oak Admin offers the highest quality virtual assistant services. Give us a call or send an email to discuss the project or work you need done and we’ll provide a no pressure, free quote. We’ll explain how working with a virtual assistant would work for your business and all the benefits.

Finding the right administrative fit for your business can be a challenge. Maybe you don’t have the time or money to hire right now, we can help with that!


Click here to learn more.


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