social media for business

I Don’t Like Social Media


I hear, frequently, from other small businesses and organizations, that they are hesitant to get into the social media game.


They might not know technology.  Maybe they’re worried about “cancel culture” and making a misstep that causes brand damage.  Maybe they don’t have the time.  For a variety of reasons there are lots of people in 2019 that are hesitant to use, what’s in my mind, one of the most useful and cost effective tools for their business.


In general I think there are two main things holding people back from jumping on the social media train:

  1. They’re worried, probably from their personal experiences on social media, with online spats, negative comments, detractors and potential brand damage by having an online presence; and
  2. I think people don’t know where to start or what to do, and they think if they don’t have the capacity in terms of video production and graphic design to turn out the most perfect, polished social media page they shouldn’t even bother.


I think neither of these problems should hold you back!


For both problems you just need to jump in and do it, and it’ll work itself out.


If you’re worried about detractors and trolls, just know that it’s not just you.  There will always be negative people and people with negativity online, and you can’t let it hold you back.  And jumping in and taking your punches will be the only thing that helps you develop the thick skin you need to deal with that.


I also think, if your heart is in the right place, you treat everyone kindly and respectfully, act professionally, and of course, actually deal with legitimate complaints and mistakes with integrity, you’ll be fine.  Everyone makes mistakes.


If you’re not sure what to do to start your social media page, don’t over think it.  Start with a once or twice a week post schedule, and just share something that’s motivating or inspiring you in that moment.  Share a picture of your work or product.  Share one of the pages of your website, that’ll help people see what you’re about and receive important information about your business.  Do that for a month and see where it leads you and what you think of next.


If you’ve ever hesitated to jump into the social media game, for the reasons I’ve seen, I hope this post gives you the push, or the confidence, to jump in.  Because if you’re not on social, there’s such a huge audience you’re losing, and so many opportunities that are passing your business by.

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