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Tips if you’re still doing summer hiring


Are you still doing summer hiring and trying to figure out how to get everyone onboard, trained and operating efficiently?  Here are some tips:


  1. Nail down your operations.  Figure out your process and work flow so you can explain it and train it to your new employees.

What does that look like:

  • Walk through your restaurant or store or shop and imagine what the experience looks like for your customer.
  • Walk through what each task, or a day would look like for an employee.
  • Take a scribbler and just jot down notes about what the tasks for the day are.
  • Practice explaining to a new employee or lay-person from outside the business what needs to be done and how to do it.
  • Be sure to make note of critical points that make your brand or businesses, such as you MUST do this, or NEVER do this, this might look like the special sprinkles you put on every ice cream cone, or the jingle you expect employees to use when they answer the phone.


2. Map out a basic onboard process.  Employee handbooks are great, you might not have the time to throw one together, but at least have a checklist for yourself so you can cover the basics.

Some basic points for your onboard checklist:

  • Banking and tax information.
  • Emergency and Next of Kin contact.
  • Start time expectations, scheduling details and pay patterns.
  • Orientation to the business, a walk around of the workplace, including emergency exits and procedures, and any critical safety rules.
  • Introduction to key staff and supervisors.


3. Have a plan to train new employees.  Train by doing works, but having a slightly more structured training plan can get people up to speed faster and develop a stronger company culture.

Here’s how to do that:

  • First outline the new skills you’re going to teach your new employee, ie – booking, then check-in, cleaning and re-staging rooms, how to do refunds then the social media work you expect your new employee to do.
  • Train yourself, or your supervisors, as to how you expect training to happen in your business – do you do an explanation, walk-through, do model? Crawl, walk, run?  Do you talk employees through tasks until they’re ready to do them?  Do you tell employees what you want done and expect them to figure out what to do on their own?  This is what I recommend:
    1. Explain the task;
    2. Do the task yourself while explaining what you’re doing;
    3. Talk the employee through the task while they do it;
    4. Observe the employee while they talk you through what they’re doing;
    5. Allow the employee to do the task themselves while supervising and only injecting if they encounter problems they don’t notice or rectify themselves;
    6. Allow the employee to do the task.
  •  Be prepared for mistakes and create a learning environment that supports your company culture.
  • Reinforce safety, answer questions and be patient.



You’re probably really busy and hiring new staff during your busiest time is a lot of work and very stressful, I hope this post helped if you were wondering what you could do better or how to approach summer hiring.



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