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Should You Have a Newsletter?


Have you been thinking of starting a newsletter for your business?  Wondering if it’s still worth it and if anyone even reads them?  Like everything, people will pay attention to things that bring them value.


I think there’s still space for an opt-in newsletter, as long as you keep it relevant and infrequent.  Depending on the nature of your business this might mean a weekly, monthly or quarterly publication.  While I might see a journalist, political writer or pundit doing a weekly newsletter, I would advise another type of small business to do one only monthly, and depending on your industry you might only have something new to say quarterly.


To keep it relevant, don’t focus on what your newsletter can do for you, but what it can do for your audience and potential customers.


For example, if you’re a real estate agent maybe you’ll do a monthly newsletter focused on home maintenance, recipes, new cleaning products and some real estate financing tips.  Or maybe you’ll do a quarterly newsletter aimed at real estate investors that does a deep dive into popular neighbourhoods and the market balance in your area.


If you’re a writer maybe a newsletter every two months works, and you can provide upcoming releases, exclusive excerpts, author recommendations for those who do work like yours, promote unique and authentic bookstores or online retailers, and a list of upcoming book discounts and sales.  Try to find something that will make your newsletter readable and something people will continue going back to, if your audience knows your newsletter always contains the schedule of when you put books on sale in Amazon, that will be relevant information for them.


If you think a newsletter is right for you, here are two recommendations for crafting your newsletter -> Word templates and Publisher templates.  Both are functional with multiple template ideas that will allow you to find something that meets your needs.


Here are two template examples –

Author Newsletter Template

Mortgage Newsletter Template


If you’d like the Publisher file for the Mortgage Newsletter Template, send an email to


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