engineering a workflow process for productivity

Getting Your Workflow Process Right


I recently took a picture of my desk for my Instagram.  I was talking about my love of using paper to write your To Do list, as opposed to keeping a digital one.  But looking back at the picture I realized something important in the way I keep my To Do list.  I’ve essentially created a workflow process to keep me on track for the day!


Look at the way my To Do list is laid out ->


Workflow To Do List for Business Productivity


On the top left I have my daily tasks I do every morning before I start anything else.

On the top right I have a quick breakdown of what I plan to focus my social media on throughout the week.

Carrying on from the daily tasks on the To Do list I have my task list where I write other things I need to get done and what’s coming up next.

To the right of my To Do list I can make notes and jot down important bits of info.


I will keep this page running throughout my week, adding checks beside the top portion of the To Do list as I accomplish each task every day of the week, and if I’ve posted what I said I would on social media…or making a note if I added or changed something.

As new tasks get added throughout the week they go on the list, notice how it’s halfway down the page?  That’s so I can add more important things above, and less time sensitive things below.


Anyway, it’s just a little thing that I thought I’d share.  I found it very interesting that it came about so organically and it’s been very helpful to keep me on track and focused.


What little things help you manage your time and stay productive?

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