WOW – Some Sales Truth


So…sales isn’t something that comes naturally to me.  In fact, I kinda hate it.  As a very introverted person that loves study, analysis and planning, the getting out and talking to people that’s kinda necessary for sales is pretty opposite to my character.


But, because I love study and learning, I’m still reading and watching material to improve me sales abilities, I haven’t given up yet.


Anyway, I was just watching this video from Stacey Flowers, literally just found her online today and I had to share her content.  She breaks down sales in such a clear and concise way, summing it up as follows:

Successful entrepreneurship is dependent on successful sales, and successful sales comes from:


  1. Competence in what you’re selling;
  2. Clarity on who you’re selling to; and
  3. Consistency in offering value.


Watch here –


She walks you through the importance in having confidence in your product or service as the foundation for your business.  Working from there to find your target market, finding out who, exactly, you’re selling to; speaking to important things such as who is actually in a position to buy your product and how to craft your sales pitch to that audience effectively.  And from there, maintaining consumer confidence by consistently offering value.


Her video is totally worth a watch and I can’t thank her enough for putting out such amazing content.  I had to share this with everyone since it was so impactful to me.


Have a good one,



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