So you’re ready to hire an assistant?

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Are you thinking it’s time to get some extra hands to share the burden of your business?  What considerations are there if you’re ready to take that plunge? How do you do it right to get the most return for your investment, and how do you not make critical mistakes in hiring the wrong person?

If you’re a business owner you’re exhausted.  You’re working all the time and have a ton of stress and responsibility.  You need to have some extra hands around to help you with your workload.  But you also need to be smart about how you spend your money and who you get to help with your business.

That’s why I’ve created flexible administrative solutions and provide suggestions on how to make sure you’re getting the most out of an administrative solution, not taking on the added burden of managing someone.

Before you hire on new help, or get an administrative service it’s important to plan out what tasks you want done, what takes up the most of your time but can be outsourced and what is critical to your business success and requires your hands-on expertise.

You’re also going to want to determine whether you want to hire an employee or engage a service provider (like me) to act as a virtual assistant or to perform one or more distinct tasks.


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