Social Media Lessons From Real Estate

Social Media Lessons From Real Estate


There were some interesting and important lessons I learned in my year in real estate in Edmonton.  I was very lucky to work in an amazing brokerage with an excellent training plan for new agents and a mentality of mentorship with lots of more senior and seasoned agents will to provide advice and have conversations about best practices in building your businesses and getting clients.


Ultimately, social media is the same basic concepts.  It’s networking (social…network, anyone?); telling a story; building trust through expertise, adding value and relationship building; communicating benefits; and using that leverage to make a proposal.


I thought I’d write this post to share some of the good advice I received, and the way I also translated some of the old school advice to apply to our new media landscape:

  1. Reach out.  I was told to contact everyone I knew, to let them know I was in real estate.  It was cringey and I hated it, but I did it.  Instead of the letters I was told to send though, I sent Facebook messages.  I sent brief messages to everyone on my contact list, letting them know I was in business, what I could help with and letting them know I would be happy to help or to be referred.  And it worked!  A friend from college referred me to someone they knew moving to my city looking for an agent.  So, when you set up your social media page, and send out your invite to everyone to like your page, also go through your email, friends list and address book and other social media followers and send out some direct messages explaining what you’re doing, offering your services directly, letting people know you’re open for referrals and asking them to spread the word.
  2. Networking.  The most important thing in real estate, in my opinion, is getting out there and meeting people.  Finding clients, I think, is a numbers game at the end of the day, the more people who know of you are considering your product or services, the more likely you are to make that sale. First, find out where the people you want to talk to are; then start listening to those people, what do they want? what do they need? what are they complaining about and what are their problems?  Think about ways your can help people based on what’s relevant to them.  Bring people value and demonstrate your expertise, that’s the foundation of building successful business relationships.
  3. It’s also important to tell a story, let people get to know you, what your business stands for and what you’re trying to do.  Stories resonate with people and they matter.  Another important aspect of storytelling is selling benefits of your service or product, not features.  Help people to imagine what your product or service will do for them, how it will make them feel or improve their life, not just the features it has or how it stacks up in comparison to the competition.


And never forget to remember aesthetics!  Making things visually appealing is a great way to get attention and start a conversation.


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