Buck the Real Estate Agent Website Trend

Buck the Real Estate Agent Website Trend


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When I started in real estate in 2015 I paid over $700 to have a website made for me, and it was a bad decision.  I’m not saying the web developer didn’t deserve that rate or that’s not what such a website is worth.  I am saying that it didn’t make sense, for me and my business, to buy such a website.


When I started out in real estate I started from scratch.  I had to build a whole client list in a real estate agent saturated city, during an economic downturn.  This, frankly, was done through personal networking and social media, so I found my website to be of very little use to me at that stage in my career.


I’m not saying a website isn’t necessary, or that you can’t develop a successful and very profitable strategy around a real estate website, but I want new agents to think carefully about their digital strategy and make best use of their money.


Let’s be honest, as a new agent you’ve probably already shelled out thousands for training and licensing, and more for other business related expenses.  But if your website isn’t hitting the top of the search engine results you probably aren’t getting a lot of traffic driven there, and so paying for the typical Realtor accessible website probably isn’t the best use of your already strapped finances.


What I mean by the typical Realtor accessible website is the templated solution most of us agents received that provided the ability to search the MLS database from our sites and linked inquiries for specific properties to our personal contact card.  This is great in theory, realistically, however, it’s tough to get to a relevant position on a search engine hit to make the expense of such a site useful, in my opinion.  It also had drawbacks for me in that I couldn’t blog from the site nor could I view analytics, boo-urns.


I propose new agents go a different way, when they’re just starting out.  Now, I will be the first to tell you that I do think a website with your own domain is CRITICAL for businesses in 2019, you want to have that link on your business card and social media profiles.  But! I think, as networking is critical at this stage of your business development, you can pay for or even create your own site that’s focused on promoting yourself and creating shareable content and I think that might be a lot more effective from a marketing and networking perspective, rather than having a professionally built MLS searchable site.


For new agents that don’t have a large-ish budget and strategy to drive people to their real estate website with searching MLS as their value proposition, I think you’d be much better served to focus your site around telling the story of you and blogging useful content, and I think that can be done in a much cheaper way, through setting up your own site or getting someone to make you a less technical site and training you how to do small updates, read analytics and blog from it.


If you’re just starting out in real estate, good luck to you!  I wish you all the best in getting clients and closing those deals!


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2 thoughts on “Buck the Real Estate Agent Website Trend

  1. rodwellsmith says:

    Selling real estate is one of the most competitive environment so I never agreed with paying a website developer to make a website for me and scores of my competitors as well. That won’t market your USP and your USP is what distinguishes you from the others.


    • Black Oak says:

      You’re exactly right. That’s why I much prefer the idea of starting your own small website so you can highlight yourself, especially through creating content such as blogging.

      I’m also very happy in that I provide training to clients to show them how to manage their own websites, if they don’t already have that capability.


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