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WordPress vs Shopify for Small Business

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Are you a small business thinking about getting a website?  Or maybe even an organization?  Here are some things to consider when deciding what the best choice is for your organization.


First, what do you intend to use your website for?  If you’re doing online sales, but are a super small, low budget business or organization, I would start with Shopify.  You can get online and start making sales at a lower monthly price than if you have to buy the WordPress business package that allows you to make sales online through WordPress.


Second, you need to consider your budget.  How much do you have on hand to do a website?  Shopify has a nice monthly payment option, but WordPress is, in my opinion, a more agile and customizable option, but you’ll be paying more upfront to get the online store if that’s what you’re looking for.


Next, consider how much time and effort you want to put into your website.  Will you be blogging or updating products regularly?  I like WordPress as a blogging platform and Shopify as a sales platform.


Overall, I would say if you’re doing online product sales, and anticipate you’ll be a small business for at least a year, selling less than 100 different types of products, I would go with Shopify.


If you’re providing a service or plan on scaling quickly and selling quite a variety of products, I would invest upfront in a WordPress powered store.


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