Christmas Card Business Marketing

Send Out Your Christmas Cards!


Hi All!


I wanted to share a pro-tip that was given to me in my real estate office by one of the old school real estate guys as something he did every year as part of his business marketing.


Sending out Christmas cards!


One, it’s just a nice thing to do.  You feel good when you write up and send out your Christmas cards, and others feel good receiving them.


Now, I’m not a big fan of cards in general, especially not attached to birthday or Christmas presents.  But I love the idea to reach out to friends and family who live far away during the holiday season.


Why do I think Christmas (Seasons Greetings, or other holiday) cards are a good idea for businesses and professionals?  Because they help you reach out to clients and customers in a friendly and non-sales way.  You can remind them of your services or business, wish them well and keep that communication going into the new year, which I think is great.


So send out Christmas cards to clients and customers this holiday season.  Don’t use it as a sales tool, but use it as a marketing tool.  Show you care and you’re thinking of them!


Christmas Card Business Marketing

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