Payroll is one of, if not the, largest expense you’ll have in running your own business.  As it should be.

Experienced, educated, trained, skilled and dedicated people are what makes your business thrive; and they deserve to be well compensated for what they bring to the table to help you make your business a success.

But we’re not always in a position to hire the best talent, or to take on full time, or even part time, employees.  That’s why Black Oak Administration & Business Services exists.

The mission of our company is to help out your company or business by providing administrative support, office management and professional services.  We seek to bridge that gap between when you need help to continue to succeed and grow your business and when you can afford to take on full, or even part-time, staff.

We offer flexible business and administrative solutions to professionals and businesses.  Especially businesses in the start-up or expansion phase, where things are uncertain and it’s easier to work with us as a service provider than to go through the long and fraught hiring process.  We also work with professionals who have more seasonal business requirements that wouldn’t support hiring an assistant full time, but would love the help during their busiest months of the year, such as Christmas, tax season or the summer months.  The third major area we provide services is project based, such as for those who need office or managerial help during a product launch, special event or book release.

How are we different?  We’re a Nova Scotia based company and not part of the ‘gig economy’.  This isn’t an anonymous messaging board with bids and proposals from people who over-estimate their ability  and internet speed.  We don’t contract out our clients’ work or renege on agreed upon services.

So what’s the catch?  The catch is that we only ever provide virtual service.  Our staff work from home or our remote office and there won’t be scope to have someone run errands for you around your city or brew your coffee.

Have you ever thought about that?  How much you pay someone to make the coffee?  Or photocopies?  I understand that having an Office Manager or Administrative Assistant sitting outside your office as a gate-keeper is a sign that you’ve made it, but how much do you pay for that symbol and convenience and is it worth it?  We believe you can get more senior and higher quality people to help you grow your business and be successful by working with us.

And that’s the second catch.  We hire the best people to provide the best service, and what we pay our employees reflects that.  The reason we can still offer prices that work for professionals and small businesses is because our people can work for a variety of clients and sometimes with more than one client at a time.  It benefits our staff because they have the flexibility of working from a remote office and with their choice of clients.  It benefits our clients because they’re not having to manage en entry level employee while still doing their own work, or pay an administrative assistant who only answers the phone 6 times a day.

This relationship has its pros and cons.  This means, as a client, your Administrative Assistant Services Provider will probably be more educated, experienced and skilled than what you could afford to pay for a full time employee, and you won’t have to go through the hassle of the hiring process, or firing them if things slow down.  It also means that while we’ll always provide the same great level of service, sometimes your preferred Services Provider may not be available and you may work with someone different for a while, although you’ll never have to worry about managing vacation time, because we’ll always provide uninterrupted service.

Our motto at Black Oak Administration & Business Services is:

taking care of your business

That’s our primary goal, providing you the business and administrative support you need for your business to grow and thrive.  Doing tasks, from the mundane and tedious to the creative.  All while providing professional advice and first class service.