There’s little more frustrating in the business world than not knowing up front how much something is going to cost.  You can’t make a plan until you know the variables, and we all know if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Always our work contracts will be negotiated before they’re agreed upon to the satisfaction of both parties.  This gives us flexibility to provide custom service, but below you will find starting points for some popular services.

  • Template Website Setup from $285
  • Advertising Packages from $200
  • Social Media Management $100-400
  • Small Business Setup from $200
  • Blog-Sitting $50-100 per week
  • Research and reports from $200
  • Event Planning from $250
  • Business/Project Management from $200 per week
  • Diary, Contract, Meeting Management $50-100 per week
  • Writing, Creating Content, Drafting Presentations $100
  • Leadership Consulting 
  • Enterprise Training Solutions

And a flat hourly rate of $35


Prices not guaranteed and subject to change